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Automatic line for production of grids VM2012 2150 х 6000 / Ø4 to Ø10


Automatic line for production of grid VM2012 is intended for production of netting by electro-resistant welding, with following characteristics:

Diameter of chord:: Ø4 – Ø10

Distance of chord:

- longitudinal 100, 150 and 200

- cross-section 100, 150 and 200

Dimensions of grid:

- length 6000

- width 2150

Description VM2012

Automatic line is consisted of following systems:

А mechanical and

B energy controlled.

А. Mechanical system is made of the following mechanical assemblies:

1) Storage of longitudinal chord:

For accommodation of longitudinal chord cut on 6000 mm

2) Auxiliary arm:

Auxiliary arm enables transfer of longitudinal chord from the storage to the main arm.

3) Main arm:

Accepts longitudinal chord from auxiliary arm and puts it into the tool for electro-resistant welding of the press with preset stepping.

4) Press with the tools for electro-resistant welding:

On positioned longitudinal chords into the tool, and brought cross-section chord from the dispenser, press makes pressure with upper electrodes to formed nodes via pneumatic cylinders. By means of current through the booster, electro-resistant welding is done.

5) Dispenser of longitudinal chord:

Dispenser is consisted of storage of cross-section chord with drive mechanism for bringing out of chord from the storage and mechanism for dosing of cross-section chord into the press for electro-resistant welding.

6) Ejector:

It ejects netted chord from the press to the unloading mechanism for reception of finished chord.

7) Unloading mechanism:

Receives finished chord and packs it into transport trolley to the storage of finished chord.

B. Energy-controlled system is made of the following assemblies:

8) Energetic mechanism:

Transformers with installed electro-motors on the line.

9) Controlling mechanism:

Controlling mechanism consolidates automatic activity of entire line with the possibility of programming by the dimension of grid and velocity of movement of mechanical and cinematic mechanisms of the line.



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